6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged

6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged – Brutal Marketing blog

One of the most effective ways to blow money down the drain is not to work with the full range of CRM capabilities. According to research by CSO Insights, 66% of companies are not fully utilizing their customer relationship program. At the same time, their sales figures are usually lower than those of those companies that use CRM to the maximum. In addition, by refusing the full range of work with the system, you prevent your employees from selling.

You don't want to be the enemy of your business, do you?

Mistake 1: You are giving up mobility

When you buy a CRM system that ties salespeople to the workplace, you're encouraging them to work the old ways—pen and paper and electronic apps like Excel.

Salespeople want to have access to data and the ability to prepare for a conversation with a customer wherever they are: stuck in traffic or driving from one meeting to the next.

The same goes for entering data into CRM. Why wait to get back to the office to write down important information? This practice assumes that your salespeople will first write something down on paper, or worse, simply rely on memory.

Not surprisingly, when surveying users of mobile CRM systems, 82% of people answered that the mobile version of the program improves the quality of the entered data.

With the mobile app, salespeople can immediately enter information into CRM at the end of the meeting. No more hastily encrypted notes and mysterious phone numbers in your contact list.

That's why the business card scanner is so popular with our users.
6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged
6 причин саботажа CRM

Mistake 2: You have not formed general rules for working with CRM

Using intuitive CRM systems may not require much training, but workers definitely need good guidance. Why? Because people think differently.

If you put 8 different people in front of a problem, they are guaranteed to approach the solution in 8 different ways. Of course, multiple mindsets are what you want from your team to communicate with clients around the world.

However, the difference in thinking also means that different ones will be used:
Terms. What is meant by "buyer"? Does it mean exactly the same thing as "client"?

Detail levels. The client's company has an HR director, there is an HR director, there is an HR director… Wait, it's not the same person?

Details of customer information. Do I need to write down his birthday or is the full name and company name enough?

Incorrect data filling by one employee forces the rest of the department to spend time clarifying the information. This problem leads to outrage and sabotage of the CRM system.

A single set of rules will simplify the work of sales managers. The entered data will be clear to each employee. You can easily figure out both a new deal and one that has been frozen for a long time.
6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged
6 причин саботажа CRM

Mistake 3: You are not using the Digital Funnel

Are you the type of manager who thinks a standard sales funnel is enough? Congratulations, you are missing out on one of the most important ways to drive CRM adoption among employees and sales growth among customers.

Your sales funnel is a visual representation of how a customer moves towards a purchase through various stages set by the manager.

What could be more useful for sales than seeing at a glance where each potential buyer is? Knowing where the leads came from and what steps they need to take next gives the seller the ability to better motivate the buyer to move further up the sales funnel.

Without funnel visualization, salespeople either parse all the information from scratch before each customer interaction or play a guessing game during a phone call.

If you don't take advantage of this CRM feature, you're simply forcing your sales talent to spend time doing secretarial work for no pay. Who will like this?

Digital visualization of the sales funnel is a must! Clearly defined milestones will quickly tell employees what else a customer needs to do to make a purchase.
This will allow salespeople to correctly place accents when interacting with leads. In addition, you can track at what stage customers are most often lost.

The main thing that Digital Funnel can do is automatic warming of leads and managing the tasks of managers. When the client moves to a new stage, the program will automatically remind you of itself: send a letter, contact in the messenger, show an advertisement or give the manager the task to contact.

Intrigued? Watch this short video about the Digital Funnel to see how automatic lead warming works and why you can stop worrying about it.

Mistake 4: You don't automate routine processes

So, you've purchased a CRM and are now using it to manage your contacts and visualize your sales funnel. Ask yourself: how does customer data get into the system? How do leads move to the next stage? Do your salespeople translate transactions themselves and enter each number manually?

Nothing kills the speed of work and the initiative of employees like routine tasks do. Especially if the program could execute them.

Automation is the foundation of CRM. The Digital Funnel reflects the real work with the client. The program can free your salespeople from these routine tasks:
- creating leads and recording data - site requests automatically become correctly executed deals
- movement along the sales funnel
- email marketing and social media advertising
- tasks for managers - when a transaction moves to a new stage, the manager receives a task to interact with the client
- dialing a phone number and recording a conversation

Setting up automation will take only 20 minutes and will save several hours of daily work for your sales team. Now employees will be able to focus on the main thing - sales.
6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged
6 причин саботажа CRM

Mistake 5: You miss additional channels of communication with the client

Do your competitors lure leads away from you with the help of contextual advertising, a well-configured email campaign, and a presence on social networks? Then why don't you do the same?

In an ideal situation, the sales process goes like this: the client feels the need for a product, he navigates the store with the help of the seller, and then makes a purchase.

But often, buyers avoid salespeople and try to figure out the variety of products on their own. Modern means of working with a client help to minimize the intervention of sellers and at the same time remain at arm's length - in the gadget.

The CRM system eliminates the obsessive annoying seller from the sales process - contextual advertising of the product is harmoniously integrated into the environment in which the client exists: it shows ads in social networks or search engines, sends a message to the phone or messenger.

As a result, the client is automatically covered through all channels, salespeople only need to bring the matter to the completion of the transaction.
6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged
6 причин саботажа CRM

Mistake 6: You're Not Tracking Your Stats Completely

CRM-system provides statistics and analytics. With their help, you can set work goals and track the progress of their implementation. The sales team will be able to independently motivate themselves to work better.

How do metrics and statistics help you sell more?

1. Closing the next, albeit small, stage gives confidence and a working fuse to the employee.
2. Assume and test expectations from working with a client, then each salesperson will understand what goals they have.
3. Setting goals helps time management. It will be easier for employees to track progress in working with a client and focus on more important tasks.
4. Measuring work processes will show how the business develops. Try different approaches and then compare what works best.
6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged
Don't forget to train your team on CRM for more effective communication. They don't have to learn it intuitively. If the sales team does not have enough knowledge, employees will not feel confident during the call. And if salespeople are constantly unsure of themselves, they will be confused in their work.

Requiring your team to be fully involved in working with CRM, in the absence of such experience among employees, will cause dissatisfaction and disregard for the program.

These 6 mistakes are just the beginning of a long list of reasons why the sales team sabotages the CRM system. The best thing to do is to talk to your team and find out when they are really uncomfortable and when frustration at work is just a hoax.

Tell us in the comments what other errors lead to sabotage of the CRM system.
Brutal Marketing blog I 6 reasons why CRM is being sabotaged
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