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How can you sell without sellers? How to use modern technologies to increase revenue? How to transfer Internet tools from the sphere of attracting a client to the sphere of working with him?

Today your competitors do not have this, but in the near future it will definitely appear. Let's sort through all the data about the most advanced tool for working with clients.

The evolution of the sales funnel

To make a sale, it is necessary to lead each potential client through certain stages of the transaction - the sales funnel.

Sales funnel – this is the distribution of customers by stages of the sales process from the first contact to the conclusion of the transaction. At some points, the sales funnel is clearer and flatter, at other times it is a little more complex.

For example, before buying a car, a potential buyer must come to the salon and take a test drive. Such stages through which a potential client goes through before buying, there are absolutely in every business.

The whole point of building sales is to consistently drag the client through the sales funnel from stage to stage.
Digital funnel - an innovative sales tool
Digital воронка – инновационный инструмент продаж
Previously, there were not so many ways for a business to reach a customer: call, come to him, show an advertisement on the way home, drop a flyer in the mailbox.

Today, the consumer is at arm's length from the business, one click - behind the screen of gadgets.

The modern Internet is actively developing this toolkit. Today we have a huge number of technologies that allow us to reach any client with the most detailed targeting and show him a personalized offer that he cannot refuse.

Usually, targeted advertising is built on "potentially interesting". In other words, they try to reach out to a client who was looking for something somewhere, was interested in something, in a rare case, went to the company's website and did something there.

Even simpler - all these tools work to get a person into the sales funnel.

We propose to transfer Internet tools from the sphere of attracting a client to an area where a potential client turns into a buyer.

That is, moving a client who has fallen into the sales funnel from stage to stage, while using all possible digital communication tools.

We are talking about the unique concept of Digital Funnels from Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM).

Three problems of classical sales

1. Nobody likes pushy salespeople

No one loves salespeople deep down, not their client, not their boss. The client does not like the fact that the sales manager is imposed, calls, constantly reminds of the purchase. The boss does not like salespeople for other reasons - they are poorly predictable and poorly controlled. In addition, finding a really good seller is hard.

At the same time, we all love sellers who help you make a choice, removing the burden of responsibility for making a decision. Executives like these salespeople because they make customers happy. Yes, and the sellers themselves in this case love their job - when they do not sell, but talk about the product.

Digital Funnel allows you to make sure that all three parties are satisfied.

    2. Sales managers choose who to sell to

    Another negative effect of the classic sales department is that when managers have a really large number of clients, they begin to choose who they want to sell to.

    If the client is heavy, asks questions or objects, it is easier for the seller to move away from him. He will gladly devote the freed time to that client who would have bought this product anyway. As a result, the target audience for which the sellers were hired stops selling.

    3. Dissatisfied and those who "licked"

    The quality of service is falling on all fronts. With clients who need help, no one wants to work. And that client, with whom work was not required, so to speak, was "licked" from all sides and was also dissatisfied with the intrusive service.

    All factors suggest that the sales force needs to be restrained. As long as it is obviously useful, it should be invested in. But there is a point that absolutely cannot be crossed. It is necessary to restrain sales all the time in some narrow corridor of powers, opportunities and responsibilities

    It is important to consider that all the negative in sales lies in the fact that it is necessary to systematically remind the client about yourself. When such reminders are devoid of the human factor, the negative disappears.

    We at Brutal Marketing believe that sales should be based on a system, content and help, without obsessive attempts to sell a person what he does not need.

    What is a Digital Funnel?

    Digital Funnel is a tool that allows you to lead a potential client through the sales funnel with minimal managerial intervention, and also allows the company to contact the client at the moment when he is really ready for it.

    The Digital Funnel is the replacement of the salesperson with a whole range of digital communications. The system includes all kinds of marketing tools, which should ultimately lead a potential customer to a purchase.

    At the same time, all reminders about a product or service look unobtrusive, are broadcast in channels familiar to the client, and look like part of the environment.

    The Digital Funnel makes it so that the client himself turns to the company for help, and the sellers focus not on those who are already ready to buy, but on those who ask questions and need help.

    The slogan of the Digital Funnel is not to impose, but to help buy.
    Digital funnel - an innovative sales tool
    Digital воронка – инновационный инструмент продаж
    Thus, the Digital Funnel:

    - completely removes the human factor;
    - does not waste the time of sellers on those who will buy anyway and does not need the help of the seller;
    - focuses the attention of managers on those who really need them;
    - uses those communication channels that are convenient for the client;
    - does not violate the personal space of customers.

    Together, it reduces the cost of salespeople and increases the number of sales.

    Benefits of Using Digital Funnels?

    The Digital Funnel removes the human factor on all three sides.

    For business leaders:
    - transparent, easily managed and controlled sales department;
    - absolutely new tools of access to the buyer;
    - fine-tuning the sales funnel;
    - point, narrowly targeted message of all advertising communications with a potential client.

    For the seller:
    - removes the need to impose;
    - removes the unloved part of the "mechanical" work and the reminder mode;
    - leaves only that part of the work where it is most effective;
    - increases labor productivity.

    For the buyer:
    - exit from the zone of uncomfortable communications (which are imposed, violate his personal space), into the zone of communications, which are carried out subtly and unobtrusively, while solving his problems.

    Features of Digital Funnels in Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM)

    Internet advertising

    We have the ability to show ads in all possible formats (contextual, teaser, etc.). Since advertising on the Internet has long become technological, now it does not matter what site the client is on, advertising is personalized everywhere.

    You can partner with the RTB network (a programmable online auction buying technology for display ads), upload your banner and say "Show this banner to all my clients".

    They will sit on any forum and see your banner. In this case, you do not need to negotiate with the forum about cats.


    Depending on what stage the customer is at, he will receive emails that will help him move on to the next stage of the purchase. Soft and unobtrusive. "Hi! Have you looked at our product range on our website? You haven't seen everything - look what offers we have this week! And on the site, by the way, even more new goodies .."

    In this day and age of mailing lists and messaging, email is still very important.

    Advertising in social networks

    A modern Russian user spends almost 2.5 hours a day on social networks. Social media provides opportunities for the most personalized advertising, each user can be shown ads addressed specifically to him.

    Already, many tools have been created for this. This advertisement is unobtrusive, it does not climb to the fore, but if a person sees it constantly, he pays attention to it.

    The beauty of such advertising is that each user on his page will see only the ad that is intended specifically for him.

    Sending via messengers

    We also have access to mailings through any messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and VKontakte messengers, SMS messages.

    If a client once appeared on your radars, we can not wait for the manager to call him, we can automatically send him a message in Viber: "Hi, how are you? A week ago you called and asked about the samovar. Still relevant? And then we have new samovars here, at a discount. We are here, always in touch!

    Now you can enrich the sales funnel with digital stages. For example, there are classic offline funnels: I went to a salon, took a test drive, calculated a loan, etc.

    In the case of digital communications, the cutting of stages can be much narrower: "I went to the site - I tried to calculate a loan", "I went to the site - I calculated the loan", etc. Depending on each stage, the message message changes accordingly.

    How to set up a Digital Funnel in Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM)

    How to set up Facebook integration

    A similar algorithm of actions. Start by connecting your Facebook ad account to the Digital Funnel. Now every client who gets to this stage of the transaction will see exactly this ad on Facebook.

    How to set up integration with VKontakte

    To include a client in an advertising campaign, you need to connect the advertising account on VKontakte to the Digital Funnel. Now every client who gets to this stage of the transaction will see this particular ad.

    How to set up integration with Mailchimp (bulk emails)

    To automatically add a customer to Mailchimp, select the stage at which the customer should be added to the mailing list. Now each client will be assigned to your Mailchimp companies after being transferred to the stage you set. For example, you move a client to the "Commercial offer sent" stage, he is added to your Mailchimp company and receives an email about additional benefits of working with you.

    How to set up email integration

    To do this, you need to connect your mail to Kommo CRM in the "Mail" section, integration takes place via IMAP and SMTP protocols. In the "Mail" section, you can create email templates that you want to send to customers at different stages of the transaction. Next, in the Digital Funnel, select the desired stage, upon transition to which the client will receive an automatic email. Here you can also configure the template and the sender.

    How to set up integration with Google Analytics

    To correctly set up integration with Google Analytics, you need to be logged into a Google account with connected analytics. Select the sales stage you need for analysis and enable sending data to Analytics (the following data is sent: transaction, item, event, pageview). After the transaction reaches the stage you specified, the system will send information about the sale to the analytics, and you will be able to track the conversion using analytics tools.

    How to set up integration with chats (Facebook and Telegram)

    In order for chat correspondence to be automatically loaded into CRM, you need to configure the following integration. Now all correspondence will be automatically "pulled up" to your account in Kommo CRM.

    How to set up integration with Salesbot?

    Salesbot allows you to automatically connect with customers through social networks and accumulate data. For example, if a client asked a question on social networks, Salesbot can check his phone number and email, and, having received an answer automatically, create a deal and a contact. Also, Salesbot can automatically send messages after changing the stage of the sale, this is configured similarly to automatic letters from the mail.

    How to automatically move a deal to another stage?

    To automatically transfer a transaction to a new stage, you need to set the condition by which this transition will be programmed. For example, a client wrote to you in a chat to clarify the terms of delivery. Having fixed this action, the system will automatically transfer the transaction to the "There is interest" stage. Now, after the occurrence of these events, deals will immediately go to the stage you specified.

    What actions can lead to a change in the stage of the transaction automatically?

    The system can automatically change the stage of the transaction based on the results of the following actions: a call from a client, a letter from a client, a repeated visit to the site by a client, activity in an online chat, and also if you send an event via the API with your self-written integration.

    How can the system write to the client without the participation of the manager?

    Our Digital Funnel can write to the client when moving the transaction to a certain stage. Messages can be sent by mail or to a social network. To connect, you need to connect the appropriate method in the Digital Funnel to this stage. For example, if your employee moved the transaction to the "Customer received the goods" stage, the system can automatically write an email using the "Thank you for the purchase" template.

    At what tariff is Digital Funnel connection available?

    Automated actions of the Digital Funnel are available with an advanced plan. You can connect chats already on the basic tariff.
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