Stages of CRM system implementation: what to prepare for

Stages of CRM system implementation: what to prepare for – Brutal Marketing blog

Almost every person whose life is connected with sales comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to use a CRM system. We are talking not only about the owners of small, medium or large companies, but also about ordinary managers who strive to make the most of their time and increase sales in different market segments. It is this software that is designed to help build a system of relationships with customers at the highest level and successfully develop a business.

In order not to waste time and money on the implementation of CRM, it is necessary to clearly define the goals pursued. This can be an increase in the company's sales volume, a company's entry into a new market, analyzing analytics for individual projects, monitoring the work of employees, increasing repeat sales, etc.

Next, you need to go through certain stages of CRM implementation, including:

- conducting an audit of the company (obtaining information about the company's sales: a circle of potential buyers, features of communication within the company between personnel, stages of the transaction, etc.);
- setting up the program platform (developing a sales funnel, defining access rights for company employees);
- integration of services (connecting a site, setting up telephony, two-way synchronization with 1C, integration with Google tables, messengers (Amo, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber), social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram), etc.
- training of managers and company management (output of reports, settings of the program interface (archiving of transactions, etc.).

How long does it take to implement Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM)?

Each project is calculated individually based on:

- the set goals and results of the primary audit of the company;
- the number of company employees and the gradation of their roles (individual settings for employees, differentiation of access rights for different groups, etc. take a lot of time);
- the number of services with which the software needs to be integrated;
- the need to configure parsing, etc.

On average, it takes from three weeks to two months to implement Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM) (including audit and training of company employees).
How long does it take to implement CRM? | Stages of CRM system implementation: what to prepare for – Brutal Marketing

How is the process of implementing Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM)

We take into account every little thing, so the implementation process is divided into several stages.
Sales department audit
We will study your sales department in detail, analyze business processes, needs, and based on this data we will develop a CRM implementation strategy
System setup
Based on the company's business processes, we set up a sales funnel, additional fields, automate business processes, integrate with the website, telephony and other services
Employee training
Our specialist will conduct skype training, answer all questions live and provide you with additional materials for self-study
Technical support
Upon completion of the implementation, we will provide Bac with technical support: you can apply for professional advice on how to work with Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM)

Determining the goals of CRM implementation

Every CRM-based automation needs to be feasible.

You must clearly understand what result you want to get from the implementation of CRM, so that we, as integrators, and CRM itself, implement the request 100%.

To do this, it is worth answering the main question: "I am implementing a CRM system in order to ..."

- to increase the total sales of the company?
- to increase sales of a new product?
- to eliminate routine work?
- to enter a new market?
- to clearly lead the client through the funnel to the sale?
- to analyze project analytics?
- to monetize the database of customers who haven't made it to the purchase?
- to increase repeat sales?
- to control the work of managers?
- to conduct the work of the company from anywhere in the world where there is Internet?

CRM is not a panacea. "If we install CRM, we will immediately increase profits by 300%, and sales by 200%." Inevitably, it will be so, but only if you and your managers regularly work in the system and comply with the prescribed regulations.
Set realistic goals. It will take from a couple of weeks to 2 months to train and adapt your employees to work with a CRM tool.

Stage 1. Audit and formation of the future system

An audit is 40% of the success of a CRM system implementation. Each business operates according to its own internal rules, processes and regulations, and the CRM system brings them to a single standard.

Therefore, before implementing CRM, it is so important to find out and disassemble every detail of this structure in order to make it stable and efficient. The task of the audit is to obtain all the necessary information about the sales processes and customer support of the company. In order to build a project map in the future, which is the structural diagram of the future CRM system.

An audit is a list of well-prepared questions to help identify a problem:

- where do customers come from?
- how is communication between managers going?
- are there any clients you don't work with?
- how does the manager move the deal along the sales funnel?
- what processes take place in sales?
- how many people are working on us and who of them is the seller

In reality, there are many more questions. The answers to them give us an understanding of how to transfer, configure and automate relationships within the sales department between departments, managers and clients. This is the main goal of CRM implementation.

After the audit, an effective sales funnel is built and communication and business processes are prescribed.

Together with you, with the head of your sales department and other departments, we create stages, define future fields (deals, contacts, companies) and prescribe the client's movement pattern through the stages of the sales funnel.

For the effective work of the company's departments in the CRM system, we create several funnels, for each of them the relationships and tasks at each stage are written in detail.

As a result of this work, a direct technical task is obtained for us as implementation specialists.

Stage 2. Setting up Kommo platform

This is the longest and most labor-intensive stage:

- An account is created in the CRM system.
- Sales funnels are developed for each business process.
- Configurable funnel stages and qualification fields.
- Users are added and rights are configured.
- E-mail boxes are connected and mail synchronization is configured.
- Tasks and auto-actions are configured for each stage of the sales funnel, depending on the values of the fields of the cards of the deal / client / company.

The list can be long, it all depends on your client request.

In addition, Brutal Marketing does not just technically set up CRM, but comprehensively works out the sales structure: we create work regulations, draw up a sales plan, write scripts, teach sales and work with scripts, prescribe employee motivation and KPIs.

Integration of services with the platform

Connecting widgets (additional developments) simplifies the work in the CRM system. Services combine all the tools for working with the client, which allows you to process customers in a "one window".

Integration with the site

The client leaves a request on the website, a deal / client card is automatically created in the CRM system with all the contact information from the completed form, utm-tags. Managers see the appearance of a new application and can immediately process it in CRM, marketers can see analytics of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Integration with IP telephony

During an incoming call, the CRM system automatically finds the client in the database and opens his card. Salespeople don't waste time dialing and collecting customer data. The conversation between the manager and the potential buyer is recorded and saved in the card. If the call is received outside of business hours, the CRM will remind the manager to call back.

One of the advantages of IP telephony is the control of sales managers. The manager can listen to how his employees communicate on the phone, see the gaps in the scripts and fix errors.

Integration with mail

Connecting corporate and personal mailboxes to CRM allows you to communicate with the client right in the deal card. To simplify the work of the sales department, letter templates are created and auto-sending of e-mail is enabled at certain stages of the funnel. Now the manager will not forget to send an email to the client, CRM will do everything for him.

Integration with 1C

Integration with 1C allows you to issue an invoice for payment directly from the client's card in the CRM system. When you click one button, a form for creating an order in 1C opens in a new window, the invoice is also printed from the counterparty card, which saves the manager's time.

Integration with messengers / social networks

Clients can leave requests and communicate with company employees in convenient messengers: Telegram, Facebook, VKontakte, WhatsApp, Instagram. Salespeople don't need to open different messengers. They respond to requests directly from the CRM system. The correspondence is saved in the activity stream. The client can write an appeal where it is convenient for him, the entire history of the correspondence is loaded into the transaction.

Chat Facebook and VKontakte:

Receive messages from clients from social networks instantly by connecting the integration of messages from your business pages. amoCRM makes it possible, with the help of Vkontakte tools and the unique capabilities of the Digital funnel, to simplify the receipt and processing of leads

Instagram Chat:

Integration with the Instagram service allows you to quickly respond to messages from your customers. amoCRM will automatically create a deal upon an incoming message from a new client, which allows you to save the history of correspondence with all potential clients.

WhatsApp chat:

The set of features is standard for modern instant messengers: sending messages, photos, videos, audio recordings, creating chats and making an online call. It is possible to put a text status, where you can add a brief description of your contact. Videos, photos are saved in the gallery automatically, and there is no sending of stickers.
Integration of services with the platform | Stages of CRM system implementation: what to prepare for – Brutal Marketing

Stage 3. Training of employees and the manager

The result of the audit and training depends entirely on the presence of the customer in the implementation process. If the manager himself does not delve into and does not work in CRM, but managers will not strain even more.

You need to be prepared for the fact that company employees will be hostile to the system and will ignore the work in it.

Everyone is used to working in their own style and pace. Often, sales managers oppose the implementation of CRM simply because they "already maintain their customer table in Excel and it is more convenient for them." As for the lazy, they do not benefit from a transparent system, because then it will be more difficult to play tanks while working or talk to a friend on the phone.

The training takes place via Skype. So that employees can ask questions of interest in real time.

The task of our integrators at Brutal Marketing is to provide high-quality training for both managers and executives. It is advisable to do this separately. Employees should not be aware of all the functionality of the system. They are unlikely to appreciate the moment of complete control.

The business owner's task is to create comfortable conditions, both technical and psychological. CRM implementation should support your team. Show that the job will become easier and more money.

The article presents a thesis plan for integrating CRM into the sales department. The number of stages for each individual project will vary depending on the niche and goals of the company.

Stage 4. Technical support

In the course of the company's work, abnormal situations often arise, such as: a hosting failure, someone "broke" the integration, the API has changed corny and the integration does not work, something is not working correctly, employees cannot figure out some functionality, etc. .d. And the traffic goes, the money for advertising is written off.

In this case, prompt assistance is needed, since if the sales department's work is lost, even for one day, the cost is very high.

Brutal Marketing team provides an opportunity to organize technical support for both your sales department working in Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM) and your website.

With technical support, you can have an online chat in Telegram or Skype with our specialist integrators.
We have also collected and prepared for you answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic of CRM implementation.

About "Brutal Marketing"

Brutal Marketing – Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM) certified partner

Our mission is the maximum automation of business processes in sales departments and their integration into a single system.

Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.

About "Brutal Marketing"

Brutal Marketing – Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM) certified partner

Our mission is the maximum automation of business processes in sales departments and their integration into a single system.

Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.

Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM) implementation projects

In three years, 40+ sales departments have been automated. We do not just set up a CRM system, but we help the business to modify and build business processes correctly
Implementation of Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM), development of a field change control widget
Refinement of Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM), setting up work with regular customers
Implementation of Kommo CRM (formerly amoCRM), IP -telephony

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