Crisis and CRM. How CRM implementations will help improve remote work of employees

Crisis and CRM. How CRM implementations will help improve remote work of employees – Brutal Marketing blog

The coronavirus pandemic and war dictates new rules of the game for the market and business: companies are hastily transferring their employees to remote work, developing new regulations.

It is also worth noting that the market is expecting a new economic crisis, and companies will have to optimize their work under the new conditions - automate business processes, reduce the number of employees and spend the minimum amount of money on analytics and advertising with their maximum efficiency.

We present you convenient amoCRM options and services that will cope with these tasks.

Automation of business processes. We free our hands
and people

amoCRM has a great interface and the ability to automate the work of the company. This applies both to the internal structure of the business, and to the work of the company and with customers.

Automatic sales funnel

So, in amoCRM, you can set up automatic sales funnels, in which all stages of the relationship between customers and the company are clearly defined.

The deal is automatically moved from stage to stage, based on the system settings.
For example, if a commercial offer is sent to a client, the transaction automatically proceeds to the next stage.
Automatic sales funnel | Brutal Marketing blog. Crisis and CRM. How CRM implementations will help improve remote work of employees
Automatic system actions from deals in the Digital Funnel


Also in amoCRM, you can set up automatic distribution of leads between managers and automatic setting of tasks for deals.

This will help you not to lose customers and be constantly aware of the stage of work with them.


The next important point is amoCRM widgets, which save a lot of time for managers. We wrote about one of them, the automatic document generation widget, earlier.

By connecting widgets, you can save on the time of managers, and therefore on their number. An important pole for business in times of crisis.
amoCRM Widgets | Brutal Marketing blog. Crisis and CRM. How CRM implementations will help improve remote work of employees
amoCRM Widgets

amo chat. Establishing a connection between
employees and departments

In addition to the CRM system, amo has its own corporate internal chat for effective communication within the company. So, the messenger has all the necessary functionality for communication between employees, exchanging files and information on clients.

The chat is part of the amoCRM system itself - you can communicate on current deals directly through it. Chat is indispensable in conditions when the work of the company needs to be transferred to the rails of outsourcing.

Integration with third party services. We optimize
budgets and analyze efficiency

In an economic crisis, it is important to carefully analyze the work of the company and control budgets - especially advertising.

So, amoCRM allows you to integrate the system with third-party end-to-end analytics services that will show the effectiveness of the funds spent and the return on them.

We wrote about some of them, such as Roistat, My warehouse inventory system. These services have a huge toolkit in organizing and analyzing the work of the company, which, in combination with amoCRM, makes them effective assistants for the company in difficult times in the market.

If a company needs to maintain high-quality telephone communication with customers even at remote work, then online telephony will be the best solution to this issue. In one of our articles, we talk about the advantage of Binotel, with the help of which it is possible, among other things, to organize the quality work of outsourced managers.

Refinement and advanced configuration of CRM.
Solving individual problems of the company in the conditions

Note that amoCRM is a cloud-based system that can be used from any device anywhere. It is also convenient to modify amo for the individual needs of the company, so if a business needs individual solutions, then amoCRM can provide their development.

In this case, professional integrators will work with the business - the official partners of amoCRM, who will develop all the options and solutions that the company needs.

So, it is possible to transfer a business into a crisis mode without losses. Moreover, by introducing new technologies into the work of the company, you can get a number of important benefits, such as saving time, saving money on staff and inefficient spending of advertising budgets, automating the work of the sales department, and high-quality business analytics.

This important experience, gained during difficult times, will help businesses grow faster after the crisis is over, when the markets revive and start to grow again.
Brutal Marketing blog | Crisis and CRM. How CRM implementations will help improve remote work of employees
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