Case of the agency for the employment of students abroad Go to Germany.
Implementation of CRM, telephony setup

Case of the agency for the employment of students abroad Go to Germany.
Implementation of CRM, telephony setup

Case of the agency for the employment of students abroad Go to Germany. Implementation of CRM, telephony setup – Brutal Marketing

About company

Go to Germany - agency for employment and internships with official registration in Germany.

Since 2017, the Go to Germany company has been providing an opportunity for students aged 18 to 35 to go to Germany for seasonal work.

Thanks to direct cooperation with the German labor exchange, within the framework of the state program «Ferienbeschäftigung für ausländische Studierende», the company "Go to Germany" provides qualified services for the official employment of students in Germany, as well as the passage of compulsory and optional internships.

Number of employees: 20


By automating the sales departments of the "Go to Germany" company, we gained experience in the simultaneous training of more than 20 sales managers who are located in 4 different cities of Ukraine.
The Go to Germany company accompanies and advises clients from the moment of choosing a vacancy, while working in Germany and until they return to Ukraine.

The company also helps to arrange all the necessary documents for the trip, including an invitation from the employer. An important nuance is that under this program a student can only work up to 90 calendar days a year.

In March 2020, Go to Germany management decided to introduce Kommo CRM into the company for quality work with applications. In the process of processing applications, a serious problem arose in accounting and distribution of applications for work, quality control over the receipt by the client of all the necessary documents for departure.

«Go to Germany» management came to the decision that a CRM system is needed for recruiting, which will help automate the work of the company. At that time, Google Spreadsheets was used to work from the client base. On the recommendation of the company "Go to Germany" turned to Brutal Marketing - digital agency.

What have we done

We fairly quickly conducted an interview with the head of the company's sales department, found out the details of business processes, studied the results, and after all the formalities were settled, we got to work.

At the beginning, based on the results of the brief, we set up sales funnels, fields, and automatic tasks. After an intermediate audit of the work done, we started setting up the integration of Kommo CRM with the "Go to Germany" website.

Now, after filling out the forms, the request immediately goes to the right CRM funnel, depending on the type of request. After connecting the main site to Kommo CRM, popular services with job search ads were connected:,, etc.

We also set up a Digital Sales Funnel. When a request is received from the site, the system assigns it to a free manager (the appointment of a responsible manager depends on the number of open deals for him). As soon as the manager becomes responsible for the lead, the system automatically creates a deal card and sets the first task "Contact the client - Process the request".
The next step is to call the client. Based on the results of the interview, we created special fields for registration for the country and program. For the manager on the screen, the system highlights all the fields that he needs to fill out. The manager recognizes and enters the client's data. Once all the required fields are filled in, it remains to fill in the required fields.

Kommo CRM of the "Go to Germany" company also implements interactive task setting: depending on the program / country that the client indicates when filling out the form on the site, or the manager in the process of communicating with the client - the system automatically indicates to the manager the necessary for registration a package (list) of documents and the time frame during which they must be prepared.

We set up automatic transfer of UTM tags to Kommo CRM. They will be recorded in the additional statistics fields of the deal card, by sorting which you can determine from which advertising channel the most customers came, or make a connection with popular analytics services.

We also integrated Kommo CRM with Facebook pages, set up IP telephony. Now the manager, when receiving a new lead from Facebook, can call the client directly from the Kommo card, and this conversation will automatically be displayed in the deal / client card - in the future it will be possible to listen to it in two clicks.

In the process of setting up the system, an individual development from Brutal Marketing was also implemented - a widget for generating documents according to templates based on information from the fields of deal, contact, company cards.


As a result of the developments and integrations of Brutal Marketing, the Go to Germany team received a convenient system with an automated work of the sales department. Thanks to the maximum simplification of all operations, applications are processed in the shortest possible time.

The system itself now controls the workload of sales managers. Convenient widgets and integrations saved managers from a large amount of routine tasks.

As a result, Kommo CRM guides sellers through all stages of the transaction and allows you not to miss a single important detail.
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