Of course, when you come to the decision to implement a CRM system in your business, you expect certain results and are guided by various considerations (saving time, increasing the comfort of work, etc.).

You can hardly find a person whose field of activity is related to sales and depends on communication with clients and who does not know what amoCRM is. However, not everyone knows exactly what its advantages are, what functionality it is equipped with and what results of the implementation of a CRM system can be seen in the near future.

CRM implementation results

The results of amoCRM implementation can be assessed in terms of three elements:

- maximum automation of processes;
- increasing customer loyalty;
- economic effect.

All three elements are interconnected, and it is important to note that for the heads of companies, it is the last point that is the main and desirable one and is, in fact, the goal of introducing amoCRM.

In order to achieve the desired results, it is important to objectively assess the needs of the company (conduct an audit), analyze the goals set for themselves by managers or individual managers, and take into account as much as possible all the processes that need automation.

It should also be understood that the results of amoCRM implementation will be positive only if all employees strictly follow the algorithms.

If they are lazy or forget to enter the actual data into the system, then this will lead to a failure in the work of the rest of the employees. When it comes to an online store and a large number of goods in the warehouse, this is not scary, but when it comes to buying an apartment, then such oversights are simply unacceptable.

What factors are important for achieving maximum economic effect?

First of all, to get the maximum profit, you need to:

- to ensure the growth of sales (carried out by segmentation of clients, targeted advertising (squeezing clients before the conclusion of the transaction);
- to increase the speed of closing the deal (reducing the time for accompanying the client from the moment of ordering the goods to its shipment and acceptance);
- to reduce operating costs (an increase in the number of sales will allow purchasing goods at a lower price at the expense of wholesale);
- to optimize the advertising budget.

Indicators for evaluating the result of CRM implementation

The effect of the implementation of the system can be assessed based on criteria such as:

- volume of sales;
- profitability of sales;
- the company's profit;
- speed of processing requests;
- an increase in the number of clients;
- labor productivity;
- receivables;
- time to complete routine work.

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