The introduction of amoCRM is a complex transformation of the company's sales department aimed at attracting new customers, increasing the number of cross-sales and, most importantly, increasing the company's profits.

This process involves:

- making decisions based on actual objective data (all information that is entered into the system by the manager becomes instantly available to the rest of the employees; convenient analytics with the ability to create your own widgets; forecasting results);

- scaling of the sales department (carried out by automating a huge layer of tasks; integration with a huge number of different services (Facebook, VK, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber), etc.);

- simplifying the work of managers and increasing labor productivity (the system has a simple built-in designer of bots, which makes it possible to simplify communication with customers as much as possible and minimize the need for communication between a manager and customers);

- increasing customer loyalty by quickly completing the tasks assigned to the managers of the organization;

- leveling the risks of losing a client at different stages (fixing each application, squeezing clients with targeted advertising, sending SMS, etc.)

Implementation of amoCRM is the best business investment. In just a couple of months, you can build software that will allow you to track all the events of the sales funnel, identify weaknesses and maximize the company's profits over the long term.
After all, this is the main goal of setting up a customer relationship management system.

amoCRM setup price

In order to evaluate the benefits of amoCRM, you need to contact Brutal Marketing professionals. After all, it is not enough just to install the system; it is necessary to adapt it as much as possible to the needs of a particular business. Since today the system is tailored for a wide range of areas, including beauty salons, real estate agencies, travel agencies, etc.

That is why it is extremely difficult to immediately determine the cost of the service. It is important to initially audit the work and features of the sales funnel, draw up a strategic work plan, determine the number of managers and the specifics of differentiating access rights in the system.

For advice and costing, please contact us at Brutal Marketing. We are amoCRM certified partners.

About "Brutal Marketing"

Brutal Marketing – amoCRM certified partner

Our mission is the maximum automation of business processes in sales departments and their integration into a single system.

Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.
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