How to increase customer loyalty

How to increase customer loyalty – Brutal Marketing blog

The companies that dominate their markets today, such as Amazon and Dropbox, are the fastest growing in history. All of them have a common feature - customer focus. We have collected 5 strategies that will allow you to increase customer loyalty.
How to increase customer loyalty – Brutal Marketing

Make the customer the essence of your work

The attention of every employee from the CEO to the trainee should be focused on the buyer. Follow the reviews and comments from consumers, respond to them, if problems arise - quickly solve them. Show that you care about each client.

Find out how customers use your product in everyday life. You can collect a focus group from your target audience and find out their attitude to the product. A test drive is also a great method to see in real time how a customer interacts with a product.

The manufacturer of electronic cigarettes IQOS offers a test drive for 7 days, while the manager himself delivers the goods to the client. At the end of the trial period, you can decide whether to buy the product or return the company.

Change your office

    In 99% of offices you won't find any mention of customers. Not surprisingly, a company's customer focus may be declining.

    One easy way to fix this is to take pictures of your best clients and post them on walls throughout your office. Salesforce calls these "hero posters." Make a custom wall of autographs or logos of the companies you serve. When buyers visit you, it will make a good impression on them. Be sure to obtain permission before using photographs or other personal material.

    Use the Empty Chair Method

    It's easy to forget about people you don't see every day, right? So companies rarely see their customers, or even not at all. How not to lose sight of your customers? Try practicing the empty chair method. Leave one of the chairs empty at the meeting. This will grab the attention of employees. Your task is to tell them that this is a reminder of the most important people in your business - customers.

    Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, often leaves space at important meetings and tells attendees that it's for the customer, the most important person in the room. Sometimes an empty chair is called the main boss of the company, and Jeff is an executive employee. Does it work? Amazon tracks its performance across 500 different metrics and almost 80% of them are related to customer goals.

    Organize events for clients

    The goal of any event is to bring consumers together. Let them come along with their friends, give them the opportunity to just have a good time with each other. So you will have the opportunity not only to meet with regular customers, but also to attract new customers. If they like the event, they will tell their friends about it for a long time and mention you as a good organizer.

    Good Wood often hosts informal meetings. For example, they buy tickets for a Philharmonic concert for their clients.

    The most successful customer meetings are presentations that are either led by the company's management or a host your customers know and love. Host happy hours or brunches. You can host an outdoor workshop or a coffee break in the new art gallery.

    Famous brand Nikon held a photo party at a nightclub in New York. Cosmetics company Sephora regularly organizes in-store make-up lessons for its VIPs.

    More modest meetings - business lunches with clients are a natural strategy for any B2B company, but can work effectively for the B2C market. The goal is to facilitate formal conversations, dilute them with an informal setting.

    Hold conferences

    A good way to keep in touch with clients, but labor-intensive and expensive, is conferences. Many companies hosting such events today started out with client meetings and progressed naturally.

    Depending on your budget and team size, you can start by implementing one of the strategies listed and gradually add more. Companies with a high customer focus have a greater understanding of the needs and values of their customer base. This significantly improves the performance, investment attractiveness and income of the company.


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