The main task of CRM is the maximum automation of all processes within the company in order to increase sales, prevent potential buyers from leaving the deal, increase employee productivity, and organize the workflow within the enterprise.

Today, amoCRM software is used not only to control the sales funnel and carry out their analytics, but also to simplify the process of organizing recruitment (parsing resumes, automating interview invitations and even providing an opportunity to share an employee's calendar and choose the right time for a meeting).

The effect of CRM implementation becomes noticeable literally after a couple of months of use. Of course, it is extremely difficult to assess the benefits of software at the stages of implementation. Moreover, the wide functionality and a huge number of available options require a responsible approach on the part of employees and a careful study of the features of work at the initial stages (further, understanding all the nuances of business processes, you can customize amoCRM to your request and automate the processes as much as possible).

If we evaluate the effectiveness of amoCRM implementation in terms of benefits for companies, then it includes:

- full control over the actions of managers;
- full control of the process of movement of the transaction through the stages of sales;
- increased income.

Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of a CRM system

The direct economic effect from the implementation of CRM in terms of increasing income is subdivided into:

- long-term (growth of the company's income, increasing customer loyalty, cross-selling of services and products);
- short-term (increase in staff productivity, increase in sales due to the focus on profitable customers).

Direct effect of CRM implementation on the revenue side: ensuring transparency of company management, reducing the time to enter a new market, etc.

In terms of cost reduction, there are also direct (increased productivity) and indirect effects (synergistic effects in customer relations).

Also, the use of amoCRM allows you to reduce such risks in the activities of the enterprise as: loss of paying customers, failure to fulfill plans, decrease in the company's flexibility in working with customers, deterioration of staff motivation, emotional burnout of employees.

General indicators for evaluating amoCRM are: management costs, company image, number of sales, cross-selling of goods and services, customer return, new customer acquisition, reduction of losses in case of employee dismissal, etc.

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Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.
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