amoCRM is a cloud-based software that takes on the role of a real lifesaver in the work of many companies. Today, the implementation of CRM is exactly what contributes to the rapid development of the business, increases the productivity of employees and at the same time allows them to unload them from routine work, which adversely affects the psychological state of a person.

Why sit and transfer numbers from one table to another, fill out a dozen notebooks or fill up a notebook in your phone under refusal and still worry about whether all the tasks have been completed?

аmoCRM allows you to organize the workflow as comfortably as possible for managers and company management, as well as for potential buyers. Thus, it becomes possible to pay attention to new vectors of business development, while customer loyalty will only grow.

CRM implementation is the best solution for those whose business is built on communication with clients and the need to constantly expand the sphere of influence.

amoCRM is a convenient search for the necessary information in the system, integration with many instant messengers and social networks, setting up parsing with different sites, two-way integration with 1C, the basis for targeted advertising and more.

Today amoCRM allows you to automate many processes (generating tasks with prompts, displaying reports on specified parameters, updating information about products on the site, working with a chat bot, etc.). The system is maximally adapted to the needs of people and is perfect for both newcomers in the field of sales and for large holdings (thanks to the differentiation of access rights, the use of the program is safe and effective).

CRM allows you to monitor the process of cooperation with a client from the first visit to the site, ending with the completion of the transaction, as well as repeated cooperation. The system records each client, leveling the risk of his loss, for all advertising clients and further contributes to building his communication with an employee of the company.

You no longer need to worry that an important call or an appointment will be forgotten, and an answer to a regular client will be given with a long delay and will lose its relevance for this reason.

About "Brutal Marketing"

Brutal Marketing – amoCRM certified partner

Our mission is the maximum automation of business processes in sales departments and their integration into a single system.

Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.
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