If earlier the introduction of CRM systems was a fashionable trend, capable of helping to optimize work, but without which it was quite possible to do, then in today's conditions it is simply impossible to work without it.

The fast pace of life is driving the search for new tools to enable multitasking.

What is CRM and why is it needed?

In fact, this is the application software used by the enterprise for interacting with potential buyers of goods or customers of services from the very first minutes of online acquaintance.

Implementation of CRM systems for business

The implementation of CRM systems for business is designed to solve the following tasks:

- collection and analytics of various data, including data to increase business productivity;
- automation of interaction between company representatives and clients;
- optimization of teamwork by simplifying the interaction between employees;
- storing the necessary information in a convenient format for quick search, which increases the productivity of an individual employee and the company as a whole;
- increasing customer loyalty;
- analysis of the marketing strategy.

CRM is a reliable assistant in the automation of basic work processes, which allows you to significantly save time and use it to perform other tasks that require the close attention of a company employee.

However, it should be understood that in order to assess the benefits of CRM implementation, it is necessary to adapt the software to the needs of the company as much as possible and take into account the specifics of its activities. Brutal Marketing offers high-quality implementation of amoCRM systems of any complexity.

To fulfill the tasks assigned to it, the CRM system must have solutions:

- integration with the site (receiving applications from potential buyers or customers of services, identifying a circle of consumers for further setting up targeted advertising, etc.);
- two-way data exchange with the 1C program (for example, loading a catalog of goods and performing operations with them (allows you to track market conditions and demand for different categories of goods);
- interaction with mail and various messengers (notifying customers about important company events, bonuses, discounts, special offers, etc.);
- IP-telephony (communication with the client at all stages of cooperation), etc.

In what areas is CRM in demand?

CRM systems are in demand in all areas of business that are in direct contact with customers and whose main goal is to increase the number of buyers.

Most often these are online stores, real estate agencies, travel companies, barbershops, beauty salons, etc. The advantage of working in CRM for large companies is the fact that all changes that users make in cards, customer fields, transactions are automatically updated and become available to the rest of the company immediately, without requiring a device restart.

Implementation of a CRM system in an enterprise is necessary even in the case when production and technical capacities and material base do not allow to cope with a large volume of orders in the future.

How much will it cost to set up a CRM system?

The pricing policy for connecting CRM software varies for different companies. It depends on the characteristics of the enterprise, the number of employees (the need to set up restrictions on their access rights in some areas), characteristics and nuances of business processes, the complexity of setting up integration with other services (messengers, social networks, message boards) and other factors.

To clarify the price and calculate the cost of an individual solution, you need to contact the Brutal Marketing manager. We will gladly tell you about the capabilities of the software and show you which settings will definitely help you achieve the desired financial results.

Implementation of a CRM system is the best thing that can be done for the future of your company.

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