The introduction of amoCRM is exactly the step that inevitably comes to everyone who wants to optimize sales as much as possible and successfully develop their business. The customer relationship management system amoCRM makes it possible to monitor the work of company managers, record incoming requests from clients from all sources, keep records of transactions between the company and counterparties, build and analyze a sales funnel, store all the necessary information that can contribute to successful cooperation with clients .

In addition, the business implementation of amoCRM also implies the integration of the system with your website, telephony, 1C program, mailboxes and mailing services, Google Analytics, popular instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VK ), electronic payment systems (LiqPay, Stripe, WayForPay, PayPal) and other specialized services for interacting with your potential customers.

Stages of amoCRM implementation

The implementation of amoCRM includes several stages:

- audit of the company's business processes and development of a strategic plan for the implementation of the system (at this stage, planning of the differentiation of access rights between employees, depending on their job responsibilities and status);
- setting up a sales funnel in the system, automating business processes and setting up integration with a website, mail and other services;
- training company employees to work with the program (displaying customer reports, summary reports, generating a list of events for planning a working day, setting goals for a calendar month, quarter or other period);
- technical support;
- revision of amoCRM for the needs of the client, based on the specifics of business activities and company profile (if necessary).

This stage includes the development of unique widgets that extend the basic capabilities of the customized program.

How much does amoCRM implementation cost?

Turnkey amoCRM implementation will help you track the sales funnel cycles, identify the weakest phases of your sales process (during initial contact, at the stage of price announcement, at the stage of agreeing on the delivery time of an order, etc.), as well as find options to improve the overall performance of business activities.

The cost of complex implementation of amoCRM can be obtained from the managers of Brutal Marketing, a certified partner of amoCRM.

Each project is calculated individually, since the price may differ based on:

- type of customer's activity;
- the complexity of business processes;
- the number of services with which the integration is carried out;
- requirements for finalizing the project.

About "Brutal Marketing"

Brutal Marketing – amoCRM certified partner

Our mission is the maximum automation of business processes in sales departments and their integration into a single system.

Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.
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