amoCRM cloud software for customer relationship management is in demand in all areas of business, which is based on building relationships with customers and making active sales.

Sooner or later, all owners of small, medium and large companies come to the fact that it is necessary to connect this service. Sometimes even the managers themselves, for their convenience, initiate amoCRM connection at the enterprise.

Today amoCRM product is the result of developers, which has incorporated all the best in the field of IT technologies and communications. The advantages of implementing CRM have already been appreciated by thousands of people around the world.

amoCRM is a great option for both B2B and B2C. It is used by travel companies, real estate agencies, beauty studios, training centers, online stores, etc.

What are the advantages of implementing amoCRM?

amoCRM is the most convenient service that has the necessary interface for tracking the sales funnel and analyzing weaknesses in the sales and customer service process.

- Convenient analytics of the work of the company and each manager separately;

- integration with telephony, popular messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber), social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram), etc. - this ensures increased customer loyalty;

- corporate messenger amo (allows you to simultaneously communicate with both the client and other employees in one chat (the visibility of other persons is hidden for the client); has a convenient function of converting voice messages into text (allows you to significantly save time on listening to the text and immediately determine the essence of the message) ;

- each deal can be supplemented with additional tags for convenient filtering of sales in the future;

- amoCRM - targeted advertising to squeeze out potential customers and conduct advertising campaigns as efficiently as possible;

- automation of many processes allows you to free up time to attract new customers;

- convenient task calendar with reminders for deals and contacts at all stages;

- the ability of the client to independently choose the time for a meeting in the manager's calendar with further ticking and notifying the right person about the upcoming event;

- two-way integration with 1C, as well as various sites (parsing);

- a chatbot on the site that will help you deal with typical questions, as well as a chatbot created specifically for those who revisit the site;

- customized scanner of business cards of the printed form in the mobile version of the program (in just a couple of seconds it allows you to add a person to the client base).

About "Brutal Marketing"

Brutal Marketing – amoCRM certified partner

Our mission is the maximum automation of business processes in sales departments and their integration into a single system.

Thanks to this, the customer service of our clients is improved, which inevitably leads to an increase in sales.
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