Checklist for end-to-end analytics implementation


Checklist for end-to-end analytics implementation:
check the current state of the company and realize how much you need end-to-end analytics now

A list that will help you avoid mistakes when working with business processes and building company sales.

The checklist was developed by the Brutal Marketing team and is used in everyday practice.

The decision to implement an end-to-end analytics service in a company may be determined by several factors. We have developed a checklist with several dozen signs that may indicate the need to use end-to-end analytics.

If you have questions of any nature, regarding this checklist or about implementing end-to-end analytics in your company, write them to us in the bot, in a comment on social networks, or leave a request on the website and we will contact you for an answer as soon as possible.

Successful management of a company occurs only with a systematic approach to this task...
The Brutal Marketing team wishes you ambitious goals and interesting tasks!
Our checklist for implementing end-to-end analytics contains 20 points.

Each point is responsible for its own area of business, which will help you understand the current state of affairs in the company for each department area, and determine the need for end-to-end analytics.

If you recognize your company in several ways on this list, it may be a sign that implementing end-to-end analytics will be a valuable solution for your business.

Signs of use of end-to-end analytics may vary depending on the specific needs and characteristics of the business, but the general trend is the need for a more complete and accurate understanding of data for making strategic decisions

Assess the need to implement end-to-end analytics in your company on all points using our checklist.
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