Checklist for contextual advertising


Checklist for contextual advertising:
check the current state of the company and realize how much you need contextual advertising now

A list that will help you avoid mistakes when working with business processes and building company sales.

The checklist was developed by the Brutal Marketing team and is used in everyday practice.

Using contextual advertising can be beneficial for a variety of businesses and marketing purposes. We have prepared a list of signs that may indicate that contextual advertising can be an effective tool for your business.

Successful management of a company occurs only with a systematic approach to this task...
The Brutal Marketing team wishes you ambitious goals and interesting tasks!
Our checklist for setting up contextual advertising contains 15 points.

Each point is responsible for its own area of business, which will help you understand the current state of affairs in the company for each department area, and determine the need for contextual advertising.

If you notice that your business matches one or more of these signs, consider using PPC advertising as part of your marketing strategy. It is important to conduct market and competitor analysis in order to properly set up your campaign and achieve maximum efficiency.

Assess the need to set up contextual advertising for your company on all points using our checklist.
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